What are flower remedies? 

The Wild Things flower remedies are a blend of flower essences made according to Dr. Edward Bach's method. They consist of mineral water, brandy (for preservation) and Bach flower essences. Flower remedies are meant to help you balance your current emotional situation. They are a type of vibrational or energetic healing. The energy of a specific flower (in the flower essence) balances out an opposite emotion. I blend different flower essences to make the flower remedy that suits you. Dr. Bach believed that a balanced emotional state was key to your overall health.                        

How do you use flower remedies?

Typically, you take 4 drops 4 times a day on your tongue or in a glass of water (or another drink) until the bottle is finished.                

How long and how can you store flower remedies? 

The only ingredients of the remedies are water, brandy and flower essences and therefore should last a long time. It's best to store the remedies upright in a cool and dark place (preferably the fridge). I recommend using them up within 3-4 weeks after opening (if you take them as suggested, your bottle should be empty after 3-4 weeks). 

The brandy is added for preservation, but could damage the rubber of the dropper or in rare cases the water could spoil. Therefore, if you see any particles floating around, stop using the remedy.

Avoid touching the glass part of the dropper with your tongue or hand to avoid contamination.                                         

How do I know which remedy would be the best one for me?

Don't overthink this and trust your intuition. There is no wrong choice. You can't overdose on flower remedies or take the wrong ones. You can use the filter menu on our shop page to help guide you in the right direction or simply contact me for more guidance. If you want to share your current emotions with me so that I can make a personalized 'Just For You'-remedy you can fill out my form or book a consultation

Can you use multiple remedies at the same time?

Although it's not harmful to combine different remedies, I recommend against it. In my opinion it is better to focus on one remedy at a time and give it some time to really work its magic and see how you feel. This way we can really figure out what works for you and how you are feeling. 

An exception to this rule are remedies that you take in specific situations and not consistently, like 'The Morning After'. 

When does it start working? What if I feel like it doesn't work for me? 

Some people feel the effects of flower remedies within minutes. However, it's more common that it will take about 3 weeks to notice change. The longer you have been in a certain emotional state, the longer it usually takes for the remedy to really break the pattern. 

If you feel like the remedies aren't working for you, you might need a different remedy or something else might be holding you back. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns. 

Can you use flower remedies if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or for kids? 

My remedies are made according to Dr. Bach's method and are seen as safe during pregnancy, breastfeeding and kids. However, since the remedies do contain a small amount of alcohol, it's best to discuss this with your doctor and/or midwife. 

Can I take flower remedies for physical ailments? 

Flower remedies should never replace medical or psychological advice or treatment. They are meant to balance your emotional state rather than physical problems. However, sometimes your emotional state could influence your body as well. If you have a lot of headaches for example, it might be worth getting to the bottom of what's causing them, maybe you have a lot of stress and could take a remedy that helps you with that. However, again, flower remedies should never replace medical advice, so if you have a physical ailment, you should always see a doctor first.